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Daler Rowney FW Artists' Ink Set - Neon

Daler Rowney FW Artists' Ink Set - Neon


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Size: SET/6


$50.40 / EA

Brighten up your day with the FW Ink Neon 6 Set. This artist’s ink is an acrylic-based, pigmented ink with excellent lightfastness and water-resistance when dry. They can be diluted with water to create effects similar to those of watercolours. This ink is suitable for craft and fine art applications.

FW inks bond to a wide range of surfaces such as glass, leather, ceramic, and wood. Its uses include airbrushing, traditional brush painting, and writing or drawing with technical, ruling and dip pens.

Set includes six 29.5 ml (1 US fl. oz.) bottles of Fluorescent Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Blue, and Green inks.