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QoR Watercolor: High Chroma Set of 6
Size: SET6
$36.99/ EA
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2019 05 MAY19 ONLIN205-PT0519 ONLIN1

QoR Watercolor: High Chroma Set of 6

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May 2–29, 2019

Member Sale Price $36.99 (Reg. Price $41.10)

A modern twist on a traditional medium, QoR Watercolours give you more of what artists want: more colour, more intensity, more strength and more versatility.

Using an exciting new binder called Aquazol, QoR Watercolours pack 2—5 times more pigment punch into each tube than watercolours that use traditional Gum Arabic binder. Aquazol is crystal clear, allowing the brilliance and luminosity of the pigments to show to their highest potential, and reducing the colour-shift often encountered as watercolours dry.

QoR’s binder offers greater adherence for pigments, too, so no matter how thick or thin you paint, they’ll stay in place on your page without cracking or crumbling, a feature offered only through the use of this revolutionary binder.

Aquazol also contains a surfactant that gives QoR a highly dispersant quality, encouraging colours to flow beautifully, and maintain their liveliness on paper. All 83 luscious, flowing colours are also completely intermixable with traditional watercolours.

Leap into the future of watercolours with GOLDEN’s stunning new paints, and discover for yourself why they were given a name that stands for Quality of Results.

QoR Mediums and Grounds allow you to bring texture and life to your watercolours, on both traditional watercolour papers, and alternative surfaces like canvas, art board, and more! Increase the absorbency of your favourite surface with QoR Mediums and Grounds, and unleash the possibilities of watercolours!

High Chroma Set includes six 5_ml tubes, featuring: Cobalt Teal, Green Gold, Quinacridone Gold, Transparent Pyrrole Orange, Quinacridone Magenta, and Dioxazine Purple.

AvailabilityIntroductory Sets of 6 or 12, Earth Colors Set of 6, High Chroma Set of 6

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