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QoR Watercolor Ground

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Prepare your surface for optimum watercolour painting.

This opaque, white ground has a similar effect to an acrylic gesso, but offers an absorbent surface that makes it perfectly suited for painting with watercolours; apply soft edges and flowing wet-in-wet techniques with a reliably smooth surface!

You can easily control the smoothness of your surface: use a white brush to create a linen-like texture, roll it on for a dappled effect, or apply it with a palette knife for a completely smooth surface. It may be lightly wet sanded to create a texture similar to that of a hot pressed surface.

This ground will adhere to a variety of surfaces, including board, canvas, wood, panel and paper. It dries to a lightfast and flexible surface that withstands repeated lifting and scrubbing. Excellently suited for watercolour painting, this medium can also be used with any other paint or drawing medium.

For best results, apply multiple coats; GOLDEN advises that you thin the layers that follow your initial coating (1 part water to 4 parts ground).

Note that drying times will vary depending on the absorbency of the surface you are preparing, how much the ground has been watered down, and the conditions of your work space. Typically your ground should be ready for re-coat in approximately 1-2 hours, and ready for your watercolours after drying overnight.

To learn more about this product, watch GOLDEN’s video about the Watercolour Ground here.

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