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 Setacolor Expandable Paint

Setacolor Expandable Paint


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Size: 45ML


$7.10 / EA

Use this paste to add dimension to your finished fabric decorations.

To keep your colours’ opacity, apply the paint directly to your fabric, let it dry, and then add your Setacolor paints on top. If you wish to create a pastel colour, you can mix your paints into the expandable paint medium, until you reach your desired shade, and then add on to the fabric.

Let your finished piece dry for 30 minutes, and then expand the paint by fixing the fabric. To fix, you can either iron the reverse side of your fabric for 5 minutes on the cotton setting (without steam), or you can place the finished fabric in a domestic oven for 5 minutes at a stable temperature of 150° C (300° F).

For best results, use natural fabrics, or synthetic fabrics that can withstand high temperatures. Decorated fabrics resist a 40° C (100° F) machine or hand washing, 48 hours after fixing. Apply with a brush, pipette, sponge, stamp, etc. Simply clean your brush or application tool with soap and water.

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