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Lineco Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape

Lineco Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape


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Size: 1.2X24


$13.90 / RL

We give this tape our seal of approval. The Lineco Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape helps make good frames even better.

Frames made of wood are strong, beautiful, and can range from traditional and ornate, to clean contemporary styles. However, wood does contain acid and lignin, which can migrate into the paper in matting, backing, and artwork.

This tape is designed to be used on the inner side of the frames to cover up the rabbet or other raw wood parts that might be in contact with archival materials. The tape covers the raw wood so that none of the acid or lignin can migrate into your archival mats, artwork, or backing.

  • Grey paper part of the tape is acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered to pH 8.5 with 3% calcium carbonate
  • Aluminium barrier layer prevents bleed-through of acids and lignin
  • Coated with an acid-free acrylic adhesive strong enough to adhere to raw wood
  • Can also be used to seal fillets, frame backs, and any other raw wood surface which may come in contact with artwork
  • Adhesive is pressure sensitive