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Jacquard Cyanotype Sensitizer Set

$18.30/ EA
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Harness the power of the sun to create gorgeous Prussian blue monochromatic prints.

Jacquard Cyanotype Sensitizer Set makes creating prints an easy, fun, and simple process. It consists of a two-part chemical process that, when combined, makes your paper light-sensitive. Simply expose your treated paper for 315 minutes (depending on sun conditions), and wash the print in cold water to halt the ongoing chemical process. As it air dries for about 24 hours, your print will gradually oxidize and transition to the rich deep blue colour characteristic of cyanotype prints.

This set contains enough solution to make approximately sixty-five 8 " 11" prints on paper, or fifty 8 " 11" prints on fabric, depending on the absorbency of the substrate.

Click here to download more information about using Jacquard Cyantype.

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