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Getting In! by Nancy Crawford

Getting In! by Nancy Crawford


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Getting In! The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Outstanding Portfolio, Earning Scholarships, & Securing Your Spot in Art School

(from the back cover:)

Drawing on more than twenty-five years of experience in preparing students for art school, Crawford shares strategies for success in Getting In! a process that her students describe as life changing and provides a clear framework outlining how to become the ideal art student candidate, create with passion and enjoy the process.

Getting In!

  • delivers a step-by-step program for clearly outlining artistic and creative goals
  • identifies ten key ingredients of a successful art school application
  • dispels the myths around what it means to be a successful artist
  • reviews ten strategies for maximizing vitality and creativity
  • explores the powerful stages of the creative process
  • introduces a myriad of ways to create a unique and exceptional portfolio worthy of scholarship

Discover the essential components that contribute to success as an artist at post-secondary school and beyond!

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