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Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid Painting Medium (Special Order)

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Size: 8OZ
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Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid Painting Medium gives oil colours more flow and transparency. It has a moderately fast drying rate, and increases gloss. Made from safflower oil and alkyd resin, this medium is non-toxic, and contains no Gamsol or petroleum distillates.

To ensure proper drying, and to prevent beading-up of paint layers, Solvent-Free Fluid should be used in moderation with oil colours – no more than 25% by volume. To avoid wrinkling, apply mixtures of Solvent-Free Fluid and oil colours thinly. For underpainting, adding Gamsol to Solvent-Free Fluid is recommended.

To paint solvent-free, we recommend Gamblin Safflower Oil for cleaning brushes while you are working. After your painting session, brushes can be further cleaned using Gamsol and/or soap and water.

Available in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz.