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Lineco Abaca.Sa Paper Hinging Tape

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Lineco Abaca.Sa Paper Hinging Tape


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Size: .875"X


$16.90 / RL

Everything hinges on proper archival qualities! Lineco Abaca.Sa Paper Hinging Tape is self-adhesive, strong, and supple. It is acid-free, with a clear, permanent, non-yellowing acrylic adhesive.

We highly recommend this tape for hinging giclee or ink-jet prints to back mats, as it does not require any application of moisture (which could be potentially damaging to these kinds of prints) to activate the adhesive.

  • Roll is ⅞" wide by 12’ long
  • Strong enough to hold large prints
  • Supple enough to adhere without distortion
  • Naturally acid-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Made from the fibres of a self-sustaining plant