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Plastic Human Skeleton Model (Special Order)

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Bone up on your anatomy! For the best possible accuracy in portraying the human figure as it really is, you need to start with its inner structure: the skeletal framework to which the muscles, and, ultimately, the skin, are attached.

This six-foot tall human skeleton comes with a stand on wheels, so you can easily move it around your studio or work space. Cast directly from specifically selected specimen, this skeleton is completely anatomically detailed. The "bones" are made of hard white plastic, with a system of wire and cord attachments holding the jointed sections together, yellow plastic spacers between the fingers and toes while the skulls have a metal spring in the jaws. It is extremely durable, and will not deteriorate with age.

Both upper and lower extremities are removable with simple hardware to allow for individual study. The Skull (31 teeth) can also be removed from cervical vertebrae. The skull consists of four parts: calvarium, mandible held with two springs, and a flap on the mandible to expose pre-molars and molars. You can easily remove the skeleton from the supportive rod.


  • The skeleton stands approximately 6 feet (180 cm) tall on the stand
  • Stand is on wheels
  • Skeleton has removable parts
  • Made of a hard white plastic

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