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Speedball Project Sets Calligraphy

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Speedball Project Sets Calligraphy


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$72.60 / EA

Perfect your calligraphy, writing or drawing skills.

Speedball, a trusted name in handcrafted nibs, offers its popular sets for beginners and those just starting out with pointed pen calligraphy and drawing. Carefully selected nibs create assorted sets for specific projects like drawing, mapping, lettering, and sketching. Additionally, each set comes with an instructional booklet with tips and techniques.

The Calligraphy Set is ideal for the beginner calligrapher. It contains four C style nibs (#1 to 4) for Roman text, and two Speedball Drawing and Mapping nibs (#512 and 101) for fine ornamental work and lettering. The penholder in this set is the Speedball #9451 holder.

Tip(s) materialMetal
Tip(s) typeDip pen
RangeGeneral Purpose, Cartooning, Mapping, Sketch, Artist, Calligraphy, Oblique
Replaceable tip(s)lYes
Additional featuresComes with a booklet