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Daylight 32 Watt Artist Studio Lamp & Stand
$236.20/ EA
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Daylight 32 Watt Artist Studio Lamp & Stand

Light up your whole studio for optimal colour matching and greater clarity. The 7 stylish metal tripod stand comes with 1 clip-on lamp, and can hold up to 3 additional Daylight Clip-On Lamps. Additional lamps sold separately.

Featuring an extremely powerful bulb (32 W energy saving bulb 450 W equiv.), the lamp also spreads its light across a wide area, which is ideal for large paintings. Natural bright white Daylight technology helps reduce eye strain and glare for healthy vision and a more comfortable working environment, and allows true colour correcting for colour matching &nash; ideal when painting, or for looking at photographs. The lamp has a unique clamp-lock system that keeps it firmly in position, and a 5" flexible arm to direct light exactly where you want.

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