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Opus Paint & Peel Palette

Opus Paint & Peel Palette


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Size: 11X14


$10.10 / EA

Cleaning your palette is a breeze with the Opus Paint & Peel Palette.

Made from high density polyethylene, its sleek white surface will not retain acrylic paint once it has dried. This plastic has a high strength to density ratio, so the palette will never break, and is very lightweight.

Just leave it when your painting session is done, and peel the paint off later.

  • ⅛" thick
  • Opaque white surface is very slick and shiny
  • Light weight makes it ideal for taking on plein air expeditions
  • High density polyethylene is also used to make Tyvek, 3D printer filaments and hockey arena puck deflecting boards, to name just a few applications
  • This plastic is classified as recyclable