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GOLDEN Polymer Varnish Gloss

GOLDEN Polymer Varnish Gloss


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Size: 32OZ


$50.00 / EA


GOLDEN Polymer Varnish is best for protection of indoor application on acrylic paintings. This varnish is a water-based, ultraviolet light-stabilized finish coat for acrylic paintings. It prevents fading of pigments, damage to the film layer from dust, light and moisture and yellowing. Thin with distilled water and use it as a spray, or brush it on. It adheres to most porous, non-oily surfaces. Removal is by use of alkaline solvents. The different finishes, Gloss, Matte or Satin, can be mixed to customize the final surface sheen of the painting. The Matte and Satin should be well mixed before applying.