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Pentel Color Brush Violet

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Pentel Color Brush Violet


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$10.50 / EA

A real brush with the convenience of a pen.

Create a variety of lines, from fine, thin details to broad sweeping strokes. The brush pen retains characteristics of Japanese brushes, the versatility of good quality inks, and the unbeatable convenience of a pocket pen.

The Pentel Color Brush features larger bristles and ink cartridge than the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, and also comes in a variety of colours. In addition, it has a squeezable body that gives you a better control over the ink flow.

Contains brightly coloured water-based liquid dye ink that flows easily and dries quickly. Ideal for stylized design work, calligraphy, cartoons, and urban sketching.

Tip(s) width0.1 - 1cm
Tip(s) typeNylon brush
Ink typeWater-based Dye Ink
Replaceable tip(s)No