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Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink

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Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink


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Size: 70ML


$15.80 / EA

Experience the rich colour and superior rendering capabilities of walnut ink.

Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink is an intensely pigmented, water-soluble ink with a wonderful true sepia tone. It has the flow of acrylic ink, but when thinned with water it performs and layers similarly to watercolour. It works great for all watercolour techniques such as layering to darken tones, adding water for lighter washes, or lifting colour with a wet brush.

Having a viscous consistency, this ink holds well in a brush or hand-dipped pen. Areas or lines made directly from the bottle produce dense, almost shiny marks with rich warm character, reminiscent of marks seen in drawings by Rembrandt, which were black when freshly made, but over time it faded to the beautiful sepia tones that they are known for now.

Though this ink is not made from walnuts (genuine walnut ink is highly acidic and eats away the paper over time), it is walnut coloured and made from premium lightfast, acid-free pigments that will not fade over time.


  • Lightfast
  • pH neutral
  • Consistent
  • Rich sepia tone
  • Great for calligraphy, sketching, rendering and finished artwork.