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Tom Norton Walnut Darkening Medium

Tom Norton Walnut Darkening Medium


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Size: 30ML


$14.50 / EA

Need an extra ″punch″ for your walnut ink drawings, but don’t want to sacrifice the watercolour characteristics and lose the ability to lift colour after you have mixed in India Ink?

Tom Norton Walnut Darkening Medium is not an ink but an additive that can be used to darken the walnut ink when a drawing needs that extra ″punch″.

The Walnut Darkening Medium is very heavily pigmented and made with the same binder as the original Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink, so it can be added or mixed without changing the working properties of the ink.

It can be used straight from the bottle, however, it is heavily pigmented, making it behave more like a Japanese Sumi ink and stain the paper, making it not lift as easily as the original ink.


  • Lightfast
  • pH neutral
  • For mixing with walnut ink
  • Can be used separately as a drawing ink