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Schmincke Medium W

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Schmincke Medium W


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Size: 200ML


$46.70 / EA

Make any oil paint water-mixable!

Schmincke Medium W is a medium that allows you to mix oil paint with water instead of turpentine or paint thinner. Mix one part Medium W to two parts oil colour to increase gloss and transparency of oils, balance drying time, or wash your brushes with water.

This is a low odour, non-toxic alternative to traditional oil painting mediums and solvents, and is compatible with most oil colours. Dark shades may initially appear lighter or milky when mixed with the medium, but this effect disappears after the paint has dried.

Mix 2 parts of oil colour and 1 part Medium W on a palette, then add water as needed; if necessary add more Medium W. You can also clean your painting tools with water after the use of this medium. There is no change of the product quality based on the colour change of the raw material alkyd resin.


  • Available in 60 ml and 200 ml
  • Low odour and non-toxic
  • Compatible with most oil colours
  • Contains: Alkyd resin

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