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Speedball 230 Mesh Aluminium Printing Frame Yellow

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Speedball 230 Mesh Aluminium Printing Frame Yellow


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Size: 20X24


$54.20 / EA

Experience amazing longevity and fine details of your prints with this professional screen printing frame.

The Speedball Aluminum Screen Printing Frame is pure quality craftsmanship. Each piece of the aluminium frame is hand cut, welded for a water-tight seal, and ground smooth for flatness and flawless edges.

Its yellow dyed mesh has a little light refraction that makes the exposure as detailed as possible, resulting in a crisper and finer details of your print.

Extruded from the highest grade aluminium and coupled with a high precision woven mesh that is pneumatically stretched to industry standard tensions, this makes for a strong, reliable, and highly durable frame.

Please be aware, that dyed mesh usually has a bit longer exposure time than a white mesh.


  • Highly durable
  • Pneumatically stretched high precision woven
  • 230 Monofilament Yellow
  • Size: 20" × 24"