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Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot

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Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot


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$44.20 / EA

Easily eliminate overspray when cleaning your airbrush.

Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot is a new and improved model of the original Iwata Cleaning Station that is packed with helpful new features.

The set comes with a glass jar in a removable, a skid-proof rubber protective sleeve, a plastic top, two spare filter elements, a universal airbrush hanger to hold an airbrush of any style, a support arm to keep the jar from tipping over, and a rubber airbrush nozzle holder.

The top of the filter cap is shaped like a shallow dish, turning it into an instant airbrush parts holder. Remove your needle cap when flushing out the airbrush in the Spray Out Pot, and with this feature all of your parts can be safely collected in one spot.


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 10 oz (295 ml) glass pot
  • Removable, non-skid pot sleeve
  • Universal Airbrush Hanger that holds any gravity-feed, side-feed, bottom-feed and trigger-style airbrushes
  • The tray-shaped filter cap for holding small airbrush parts
  • Replaceable filters

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