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Amazing Mold Rubber

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Amazing Mold Rubber


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Size: 244ML


$32.20 / EA

Making high strength and flexible molds is as easy as one, two, three!

Amazing Mold Rubber is a two-part liquid rubber used to make flexible molds to produce quick reproductions of your original 3D pieces.

Its low viscosity silicone is quick curing and has extremely high strength that allows the mold to pick up amazing details of your original. Amazing Mold Rubber is very easy to use and does not require degassing. It can also can be used for pouring one piece molds with undercuts or for making complex multiple piece molds.

Once the silicone is cured, you can cast your replicas in resin, plaster, wax, clay or polyester.

We would suggest using vaseline or another release agent for easy demolding.


  1. Measure and mix silicone base and catalyst
  2. Secure original, build moldbox, and pour silicone
  3. Once cured (approximately 2-4 hours), demold.


  • Colour: Pink
  • Mix Ratio: 10:1 by weight
  • Demold Time: 2-4 hours
  • Weight: .77 lb (349.3 grams)