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Product - basic STO22
GOLDEN Specialty Acrylic Polymer GAC 900
Size: 8OZ
$15.84/ EA
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2018 01 JANL19 ONLN2

GOLDEN Specialty Acrylic Polymer GAC 900

Opus PLUS Member Sale
Save 20% OFF
January 3–30, 2019

Member Sale Price $15.84 (Reg. Price $19.80)

Save 20% off ALL GOLDEN Mediums until January 30, 2019!

GOLDEN Specialty Acrylic Polymer GAC 900 increases the launderability of any acrylic paint. When dried, it has a soft, pliable feel, and when properly heat-set, is very resistant to laundering. Use it with heavy body and fluid paints for brush or screen application. If blended with GOLDEN Airbrush colours it will create almost a dye effect.

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