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Opus Allegro Limited Edition Size 24
$39.50/ EA
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Opus Allegro Limited Edition Size 24

Wake up your watercolour paint with these soft and thirsty brushes!

At a luscious Size 24, this Limited Edition brush is part of the popular Allegro family, an excellent quality and value brush line for all watercolour artists. Opus Allegro brushes are artist-quality brushes made with synthetic sable, an animal and environmentally-friendly alternative to animal fur, with comparable working qualities. The bristles are designed to carry an incredible amount of water, helping you apply colour in beautiful, sweeping washes, and offering good shape retention and excellent spring.

Available only while quantities last, the extra-large brush was designed to OpusÍ specifications and offers superior quality and water-retention so you can take your watercolours even further.

Pick up a Limited Edition Size 24 Opus Allegro Brush today, and see the difference a large brush can make to your process.