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Jacquard Pearl Ex Calligraphy Set

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Jacquard Pearl Ex Calligraphy Set


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Size: SET/12


$31.40 / EA

Create your own metallic inks with fabulous shimmering effects!

Jacquard Pearl Ex is a metallic/pearlescent, archival mica pigment. The Calligraphy Set includes 9 Pearl Ex colours (3 g) and 3 jars of Gum Arabic (2.25 g).

How to make metallic calligraphy ink using Pearl Ex Pigments and powdered Gum Arabic:

1. Mix 4 parts of Pearl Ex pigment and 1 part Gum Arabic. Add water slowly, and stir to an ink-like consistency.

    Exact Recipe:
  • 1 teaspoon Pearl Ex pigment
  • _ teaspoon Gum Arabic (white powder)
  • 1 teaspoon water

2. Stir until evenly mixed, no lumps or powder visible.

Note: Inks with a thinner consistency will lay flat on the paper when dry. Thicker consistencies will stand up and have a raised texture on the paper when dry.

Set includes: Rose Gold, Solar Gold, True Blue, Silver, Aztec Gold, Super Russet, Pearl White, Grey Lavender, Pink Gold, Gum Arabic (x3)

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