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Pebeo Studio Auxiliary Gel - Matte

Pebeo Studio Auxiliary Gel - Matte


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Size: 100ML


$8.40 / EA

Pébéo Studio Acrylics range of auxiliaries widen the realm of creative possibilities when painting with Acrylic paints.

Pébéo Studio Auxiliary Gel is a non yellowing acrylic gel which improves colour mixing and increases the volume of the paint and the drying time.

Pébéo Gels mediums can be mixed with the colours to provide an even colour consistency, to allow better adhesion, transparency, depth, drying time without thinning the paint. Can be cleaned off brushes and painting knives with soapy water.

  • Available in Matte and Gloss Mediums
  • Bright and transparent after drying
  • Can be applied on canvas, cardboard, wood or metal
  • Can be mixed with acrylic paints to increase transparency, depth, volume and drying time
  • Ideal for inlays and collages
  • Can be diluted with water or thinned with acrylic mediums