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Staedtler Lumograph Black Pencil Set
Size: SET/6
$11.60/ EA
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Staedtler Lumograph Black Pencil Set

Produce jet black marks with no sheen.

Staedtler Lumograph Black Pencil Set contains premium-quality artists pencils, featuring a special graphite lead formulation containing a high proportion of carbon for matte, jet black results. Suitable for drawing and hatching as well as expressive sketches and portraits. These pencils are unbelievably break-resistant due to their super-bonded lead. The wood is sourced from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests.

Lead diameter: 8B: 4.5mm, 6B/4B/2B: 3.6mm.

This set comes with a tin box that holds 6 pencils: 2B (x2), 4B (x2), 6B, and 8B.