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Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress 300gsm
$7.90/ SH
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Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress 300gsm

With Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress, blending is effortless and lifting is no longer a chore!

Hand-crafted with the watercolourist in mind, this rugged and textured substrate is Stonehenge’s latest creation in artisan paper. Each coldpressed sheet receives applied moisture naturally, making it ideal for blending and lifting colour.

Stonehenge Aqua is as finely crafted as it is affordable. Performing way beyond its price point, it has been tested to its limits and as it turns out, it has no limits. Wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry, it has a wonderfully crisp feel that anchors beautiful work across every task and technique.

Each sheet measures 22 x 30 with 600gsm.