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Amsterdam Acrylics Transparent Gesso
$13.20/ EA
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Amsterdam Acrylics Transparent Gesso

Treat your surfaces to a transparent gesso!

Suited for surfaces with great texture and colour, Amsterdam Acrylic Transparent Gesso provides a transparent foundation while retaining the qualities of the surface. The transparent gesso can be applied to canvas, wood, plywood, hardboard, cardboard, paper, and even mural surfaces like fresh concrete, stucco, and brick.

Providing optimal adhesion for acrylic paint, oil paint, and gouache, the transparent gesso can be tinted with acrylic paint to create a custom gesso colour. When applying the gesso, use the standard method of applying: sanding between layers and applying at least 2 – 3 coats, unless surface texture is desired, in which case sanding can be left out.

Get your unique surface prepped today and let this transparent gesso help you preserve the texture of your surface!