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Amsterdam Acrylics Photo Transfer Gel

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Amsterdam Acrylics Photo Transfer Gel


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Size: 500ML


$29.80 / EA

Add photographs, photocopied work, and more to your paintings for an abstract and mixed media result!

Transfer your favourite photo prints or photocopies onto canvas or other surfaces with Amsterdam Photo Transfer Gel.

To prepare, print your photograph ona laser printer or a photocopier and add the gel on the print side of the paper. Then press the print side onto the surface and rub away any air bubbles that could be trapped under the print. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours. Once dry, remove the paper by carefully rubbing it with a brush dipped in water or a moist cloth.

Once transferred, the photo transfer can be painted over with acrylic paint to add some colour or it can be sealed with acrylic medium or varnish to complete the transfer.

Immortalize your photographs today with this photo transferring method!