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Splash 16: Exploring Texture

Splash 16: Exploring Texture


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100 top artists share the tricks behind their textures!

Have you ever stood fascinated before a painting, wondering, "How did they do that?" In this 16th book in the ever-popular Splash series, 100 of today’s top watercolor artists share the techniques behind the remarkable textures that bring their subjects to life. You’ll learn how to create the look of rippling water, backlit glass, fur, fruit, stone, textiles, rust and a world of other illusions that make viewers forget „ if only for an instant „ that they are looking at mere pigment on paper.

  • 130+ brilliant paintings and the stories behind them
  • The how’s behind a multitude of textures, from the delicate softness of rose petals and the flush on the cheek of a sleeping child, to peeling paint, and reflections on polished metal
  • Six subject-themed chapters explore landscapes, close-ups, animals, urban scenes, still lifes, machines and people

These pages are filled with experiments, happy accidents and techniques perfected over a lifetime. Discover the many ways colour is drybrushed, layered and manipulated, applied with plastic wrap, chopped brushes, sponges and fingers, sprayed, splattered, scrubbed and sanded „ whatever it takes to achieve that sense of believability. A palpable display of artistic invention, Splash 16 celebrates the magnificent versatility of the medium. Can you feel it?