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Product - basic STO22
Limited Edition Black Canvas – Deep
$18.78/ EA
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2017-10-OTNL17 ONLIN1

Limited Edition Black Canvas – Deep

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September 28 – October 25, 2017

Member Sale Price $18.78 (Reg. Price $31.30)

Limited quantities available.

A limited edition black, triple-primed surface perfect for acrylics and oils, featuring a 340 gram, 100% cotton material.

Available while supplies last.

This inexpensive primed surface is perfect for practicing your acrylics and oils on, and for experimenting with new techniques. Featuring a lightweight, triple primed 100% cotton, these back-wrapped and stapled canvases are ready to use straight away. Add more coats of gesso for an even smoother finish or when using as a surface for oil paints.

This value-priced canvas is ideal for practice, art parties, quick home decor projects, kids’ art projects, and more.