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Stabilo Sensor Fineliner - Set of 4

Stabilo Sensor Fineliner - Set of 4


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Size: SET/4


$10.30 / EA

No more split tips! A pen that is in a class of its own.

The STABILO SENSOR Fineliner Set features pens with cushioned tip that provides a relaxed feeling whilst writing „ the tip will not bend or break. It is well suited for the prolific writer as well as for the artistic type who likes to relax creatively by exploring zentangling. It comes with 4 vibrant colors, a linewidth of 0.3mm and a modern design.

The fineliner uses micro-cushioning to adapt to the writing pressure for longer periods of writing or drawing. Its gentle cushioning also protects the tip from bending and breaking, which has an extremely positive effect on its durability. No matter how hard you press, the STABILO SENSOR adapts itself and balances this out. The tip of each fineliner pen is metal encased, underlining its high quality. It provides excellent writing comfort, even under increased and prolonged strain. The cap is stackable on the end of the pen.


  • Control and precision with a line width of 0.3mm
  • Metal-enclosed tip provides strength and durability
  • High quality pen tip will not split even under high pressure writing
  • Works perfect with a ruler and also makes drawing contours a breeze


  • Tip(s) Width: Fine (Line - 0.3 mm)
  • Tip(s) type: Felt
  • Archival Liquid Ink
  • Bleedproof and Waterproof
  • Refillable and Replaceable Tip(s)