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Product - basic STO22
Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground - Iridescent Gold
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Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground - Iridescent Gold

Daniel Smith Iridescent Gold Watercolor Ground allows you to paint watercolours on any surface and gives you a beautiful, iridescent gold surface to paint on!

Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground makes a luminous gold paintable area when applied to a white surface, and because it is semi-transparent, it allows the color and/or pattern of the surface it is applied onto to show slightly through the iridescent gold sheen.

For deepest gold, apply 2 to 3 thin coats of the Iridescent Gold Watercolor Ground. Your transparent and semi-transparent watercolors will add a glaze of color when painted over the ground modifying their color. You can paint over an entire surface with the ground or only in areas that you wish to add iridescent gold effects.