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Dynamic Professional Painter's Wipes

Dynamic Professional Painter's Wipes


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Size: PK/30


$22.50 / EA

Versatile painter’s wipes for your studio with infinite uses from cleaning surfaces to hands.

This convenient multi-purpose towel eliminates the need for water or other cleaners. It will remove paint, varnish, grease, adhesives, ink, and many types of soils from most surfaces quickly & easily. Just rub the towel directly over the stain until removed.

The Dynamic Painter’s Wipes also condition hands with Aloe and Vitamin E, leaving them clean, dry and non-sticky.


  • Condition hands with Aloe and Vitamin E
  • Leaves hands clean, dry, and non-sticky
  • Removes paint, solvent, smells, carpet & counter stains, adhesives & tape residue, ink & permanent marker, grease, and more
  • 25cm x 30cm (10" x 12") wipes

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