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Scratch-Art Sketch Pad Book

Scratch-Art Sketch Pad Book


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Size: 7.5X10


$14.90 / EA

Flip open the sketchpad, draw or trace your designs and watch amazing effects shine through!

With this spiral-bound drawing book, it’s easy for you to take your Scratch-Art on the go. The book includes 6 Scratch-Art pages with rainbow backgrounds, 6 Scratch-Art pages with silver holographic backgrounds, a stencil sheet, and a wooden mini stylus and a stylus pocket in the cover. The book includes 12 Scratch-Art pages and a stylus pocket in the cover.


  • Exciting colours and patterns hidden beneath a matte coating with just a simple scratch
  • Includes 12 spiral-bound pages of assorted Scratch-Art mini boards: 6 Rainbow, 6 Silver Holographic
  • A mini wooden stylus (included) snaps into the built-in stylus holder
  • Easy to use
  • 10" x 7.5"