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Enkaustikos Interference Hotsticks Set

Enkaustikos Interference Hotsticks Set


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$31.90 / EA

Enhance your favourite wax paint colours by adding a pearlescent and interference effects!

The Interference Enkaustikos Hotsticks are made of tiny platelets of mica pigments covered by highly refractive metal oxides. This refraction causes any light that strikes to scatter creating the beautiful interference effect. The wax paint is also transparent so when applied overtop another layer the surface underneath will appear and affect the pigments.

It can also be used as a medium and mixed with other wax paint to create a change ("flip") when viewed from different angles. Against white or light background the colour becomes subtle but the "flip" is more obvious, whereas the opposite it true over black or dark backgrounds; the colour is more obvious and the "flip" less noticeable.

These professional quality colours can be melted directly on your hot palette to use with your brush or can be applied directly onto a heated substrate.

This set contains 13ml of each: Interference Blue, Gold, Red, Violet, and Green.