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Product - basic STO22
STAEDTLER Lumograph Charcoal
Size: SET/4
$5.80/ EA
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STAEDTLER Lumograph Charcoal

Get the high quality performance of a Staedtler pencil with a charcoal "lead".

Perfect for sketching, layout, and adding detail to finished artwork, these pencils have a responsibly harvested wood casing with various degrees of black charcoal. The set contains a 2B (hard), 4B (medium), 6B (soft), as well as a soft white charcoal pencil for highlights.

  • Quality charcoal pencils for sketching and drawing
  • Pre-sharpened charcoal pencils in three degrees: 2B (hard), 4B (medium), 6B (soft)
  • Soft, white chalk pencil for highlighting and blending