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Opus Essential Black Gesso

Opus Essential Black Gesso


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Size: 3.6 L


$67.10 / EA

The dark side has never looked so bright!

Opus Essential Black Gesso provides excellent opacity, coverage, and adhesion due to its high levels of carbon, calcite grit and acrylic resin.

This flexible, water-resistant gesso is an outstanding primer for cotton or linen canvas, wood, and paper, in preparation for painting in acrylics and oils. It also works well to create an underpainting over a white gessoed canvas, and may also be left visible to form a background for your work.

Its deep black colour and matte finish lends itself beautifully to the creation of striking landscapes and moody chiaroscuro portraits. Add some pop to your paintings by working with bright, interference, or metallic paints, gel pens or acrylic paint markers. Transparent colours mixed with a tiny bit of white look rich and deep on a black surface.

Directions: With a brush or roller, apply gesso to a clean surface. The first coat may be diluted with water (1:1) for maximum surface dispersion. Apply 2–4 coats of gesso, allowing gesso to dry thoroughly between each coat. Caution: do not allow in freezing temperatures.

Available in 500ml and 1L jars, and a 3.6L bucket.

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