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New Wave u.go Pochade Box (Large)
Size: 11X14
$269.36/ EA
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2019 04 APR19 ONLN2

New Wave u.go Pochade Box (Large)

Opus PLUS Member Sale
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March 28 – May 1, 2019

Member Sale Price $269.36 (Reg. Price $336.70)

The u.go™ Anywhere™ Pochade Box is beautifully crafted with baltic birch wood for maximum durability.

This ultra lightweight pochade box is designed to sit on a tabletop, a flat working surface, or screwed onto its universal ¼" tripod mount for on the go and plein air painting. Stainless steel and aluminum accents provide strength where needed most.

All hardware is non-corrosive. Strong rare magnets are used for the closure, panel/canvas holder, and removable side wall for palette cleaning/replacement. Oil paints can be removed with solvents, and dry acrylic paint peels off.

A recessed storage compartment is located at the rear of the palette and can be used to hold paint brushes, paint tubes, wet paint dabs, etc. Maximum recommended painting surface is 14" vertical. Teeth on the stainless steel panel holders are capable of holding panels as thin as 1/16" and stretched canvas up to 3/4" thick.

Important note: The magnets used in this pochade box are capable of affecting pacemakers. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 feet distance is maintained between the box's magnets and any Pacemakers.

  • Magnets in pochade box affects pacemakers; keep a minimum of 3 ft away from pacemakers
  • Size/Weight: 11" × 14.5" × 1.25"/ largest-size model is only 3.15 lbs
  • 1 high density plastic palette included
  • No assembly required
  • Hinges provide sturdy 180˚ range of motion
  • Click to see a PDF with more specs about this easel

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