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Product - basic STO22
Eli-Glow Photo-Luminescent Pigment Powder- Green
Size: 100G
$47.60/ EA
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Eli-Glow Photo-Luminescent Pigment Powder- Green

Make your art glow in the dark!

Eli-Glow Photo Luminescent pigments are the latest achievement in sustainable eco-lighting technology. This cutting-edge substance offers self-illuminating, electricity-free lighting that is both visually appealing and completely self-rejuvenating. The pigment will recharge itself an infinite number of times and last indefinitely. Eli-Glow can be easily mixed into resin or any other non water based binder such as paints, varnishes, concrete sealers, glues, and more.

Eli-Glow is harmless, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and non-hazardous. Eli-Glow pigments will release light for up to 10 hours in darkness and 'charge up' in minutes.