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STAEDTLER Wopex Eco Pencil Pack of 12

STAEDTLER Wopex Eco Pencil Pack of 12


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Size: PK/12


$5.60 / BX

With centuries of pencil production and tradition in their history, Staedtler is still a leading innovator in the field.

Witness the Wopex pencil, with great Staedtler leads encased in a revolutionary casing made from ground up wood. This means that less waste is created in the process of manufacturing. Combine this with the fact that the company uses wood from well managed, responsibly harvested forests and you have a very earth-friendly writing and drawing instrument.

Only from Staedtler!

  • Unique writing experience. Velvet soft surface and smooth gliding lead
  • High break-resistance
  • PVC and latex-free eraser
  • Wood content from PEFC-certified German forests

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