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1000 Cranes Origami Kit

1000 Cranes Origami Kit


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In Japan, the crane symbolizes good fortune and longevity. Traditionally, folding 1,000 cranes was undertaken to make a wish come true. More recently, the story of the Japanese girl, Sadako Saxsaki, who developed leukemia as a result of exposure to the atomic fallout from the bombing of Hiroshima, and folded 1000 cranes to achieve her wish for health and long life, has given added meaning and poignancy to the giving of 1,000 cranes as a gift.

This kit contains 1,020 sheets of 3" paper in assorted colors, string, beads and instructions for folding, stringing and hanging the finished project. Perfect for school projects, individual or family celebrations and gifts.

Whenever they are presented, the gift of a thousand paper cranes expresses a wish for peace, hope and long life.

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