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Daylight Starmag Flexilens Magnifyer

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Daylight Starmag Flexilens Magnifyer


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$83.30 / EA

This hands-free crystal clear large magnifier is ideal for seeing detail when crafting, painting or reading.

It has a very strong metal clamp which can be attached to tables or stitching frames and a long reach 46 cm (18") flexible arm which is adjustable to any position. The quality 13 cm (5") large lens provides a 1.75X magnification (3 diopter).

  • Large magnifying lens for all detailed tasks
  • High quality 13 cm (5") lens with 1.75X magnification (3 diopter)
  • Rimless lens for comfortable uninterrupted view
  • Flexible 46 cm (18") arm for long reach and easy adjustment
  • Strong clamp for accurate positioning on tables and frames