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Buzz Cradled Wood Panels - Deep

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Buzz Cradled Wood Panels - Deep


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Size: 9X12


$8.60 / EA

See what all the Buzz is about with this affordable wood panel!

Buzz Cradled Wood Panels are an economy unprimed surface perfect for practicing your acrylic painting, oil painting, encaustics, and experimenting with new techniques.

Featuring an unfinished basswood surface with pine stretcher bars, these panels are ready to be prepared for you media of choice. Coat the surface with gesso, sanding between coats for a smooth yet toothy surface. Try a clear gesso to allow the wood grain to become an integral part of your work or to use the wood as a toned ground to begin your piece.

This economy panel is ideal for practice, art parties, quick home decor projects, kids' art projects, and more.

Buzz Deep Cradled Wood Panels feature 1_″ deep pine bars supporting a 3 mm basswood panel.

  • Depth: 1 _″ Deep
  • Woodtype: Bass wood & Pine
  • Availability: 10 sizes
  • Also available in a Slim profile