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Opus Limited Edition Adult T-Shirt Small

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Opus Limited Edition Adult T-Shirt Small


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Every winter since the mid-1980s, a long-standing staff member is chosen to design the Opus staff T-shirt. For us, this long-standing tradition has been a simple way of annually highlighting an employee who has contributed to our success through their many years with us.

Fewer than 600 hundred Limited Edition Opus T-shirts have been printed and a limited quantity will be available for sale at all Opus locations and through our National Mail Order service.

The 2019 Limited Edition Opus T-shirt was designed by working artist Tristan Noone. Tristan is a self-taught artist from Vancouver, B.C. His primary passions are drawing and lettering, but he has always been interested in experimenting with any media that he has access to, and working at Opus Granville Island has been hugely beneficial toward that end. Currently he's fascinated by watercolours, life drawing on transit, and woodworking with hand tools. To see Tristan's art visit @tristannoone and to watch the Opus video "Practice Makes Perfect", click here.