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POSCA Acrylic Paint Markers PC-1MR Extra Fine Classic Colours Set of 8

$48.20/ EA
Size: 8PCS
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The Posca 8-Color PC-1MR Extra Fine Set includes eight PC-1MR extra fine tip markers in black, white, red, yellow, blue, light blue, green, and pink inks.

With its extra-fine calibrated tip ringed in metal, the PC-1MR has all the qualities of a paint marker in the form of a pen! Designed for amateurs and professionals looking for an ultra-fine, dense line, it offers a rich palette of colour effects.

The PC-1MR is ideal for creative professionals, creative hobbyists, and artists adding finishing touches, details and contours with absolute precision. Its calibrated tip produces a clear, regular and refined line. The line will not vary and the effect is always perfect.

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