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GOLDEN Isolation Coat

GOLDEN Isolation Coat


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Size: 8 OZ


$15.50 / EA

Seal the deal with an extra layer of protection for your acrylic pieces!

GOLDEN's Isolation Coat is a permanent acrylic medium that can be applied to completed acrylic paintings to seal surface absorbency, and unify and protect the surface. Apply one or more layers before varnishing to help ensure an even application of varnish and provides a layer of protection if/when varnish is removed.

This ready-to-use medium is an alternative to diluting Soft Gel Gloss with water, eliminating the need to measure and mix while increasing flow and leveling.

An isolation coat is a significant and permanent addition to a painting and inevitably will cause changes in the painting's surface qualities. Before applying to your acrylic paintings, we recommend reviewing GOLDEN's Varnish Application Guidelines to ensure an isolation coat and varnishing is right for your work.