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Montana Gold Spray Paint Gold Matt

$14.60/ EA
Size: 400ML
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The Montana Gold Metallic spray paint is high covering, quick drying, and weather and abrasion-proof. The paint is solvent-based and nitro-acrylic. This metallic spray is perfect for use on a multitude of surfaces including canvas, concrete, brick, wood, cardboard, and more!

Though the Montana Metallic’s have superior light fastness and contain UV blockers, they can be susceptible to strong UV rays. To greatly protect and extend the longevity of your work, apply a coat of Montana Varnish once it is cured.

For the best and brightest results, apply onto surfaces that are no porous and coated white or light colours. The more coats applied, the brighter and more long lasting the metallic effect! Allow 10+ minutes between layers to ensure the best colour pay off.