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GOLDEN Gloss Color Pouring Set of 6

GOLDEN Gloss Color Pouring Set of 6


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Size: SET/6


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GOLDEN Color Pouring Medium Gloss is a leveling, low crazing extender for pouring acrylic colors and readily flows onto the painting surface, generating uniform pools of paint. The dried surface of Color Pouring Medium Gloss (CPM Gloss) is smooth and shiny. Adjusting the amount of paint added to Color Pouring Medium Gloss controls saturation and opacity. Mixtures can be used in a variety of techniques, with crisp color boundaries that respond to tilting and gentle persuading. Add small paint additions to create veils of translucent color over previously painted passages.

Mix with the included GOLDEN fluid Acrylic Colors to create beautiful, glossy pours. The included guide provides tips to help you achieve successful color pours.

    Set includes:
  • 8oz bottle of Gloss Pouring Medium
  • 30ml Titanium White
  • 30ml Napthol Red
  • 30ml Primary Yellow
  • 30ml Teal
  • 30ml Primary Cyan