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Williamsburg Wax Medium

Williamsburg Wax Medium


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Size: 473ML


$36.10 / EA


Pure beeswax, damar resin, and refined linseed oil. No paraffins or microcrystallines. Use in moderation to thicken paint and impart a short, buttery texture. Increases transparency and dries to a satin sheen.

Williamsburg Wax Medium is a soft paste out of the can. It will quickly become silkier and more fluid once worked by your palette knife or blended into paint.

Williamsburg Wax Medium does not contain any solvent, which separates it from other wax pastes on the market. Due to this, this wax medium may form a film on its own. Painters can worry less about brittleness or adhesion thanks to this medium's blend of wax and oil.